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Cesar Chavez Art

Message From Ms. Gutierrez


When you hear the words "Art class" mentioned, what comes to mind? Perhaps, a room full of kids painting pretty pictures. Though this is true, many forget the virtues of a successful art program. Students in these types of programs develop skills beyond making aesthetically pleasing things; Students who engage in visual and performing arts are creative, innovative, and are critical thinkers.

 If that isn't enough, VAPA students learn how to collaborate with others and  develop healthy self esteem. There are countless benefits from a robust art program (Click on this link to find out more). What is clear is that Art matters and all students should be given access to art programs if equitable education is truly the goal. 

-Lorena Gutierrez, Art

On exhibit now:

Amidst moments of uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety, students push through it all to express their creativity and individuality. In this photo series, they welcome us into their private spaces, their homes, their life experiences. They invite us to see them and see the world through their eyes. Through the lens of their mobile cameras, this historic moment is forever immortalized. Check out the entire exhibit here.

Exciting News About Arts Education

A picture of Ms. Gutierrez posing with a student between a frame for the Create CA event

On December 7, Ms. Gutierrez joined others at The CREATE Equity in Alameda County Event. Many arts education supporters, including educators and leaders in the community, launched an exciting new partnership with CREATE CA. The goal of the event is to transform the way we teach every California student through arts and creativity, one community at a time, starting right here in Alameda County.

This is the message:

This is about equity. Not every student in California has an equal education. But when students are given the chance to learn in a creative environment, their future is transformed.

Join educators, parents, and community leaders and support Arts Education!


A photo of the Create CA event where members seem to be having fun on stage
A picture of Ms. Gutierrez, our art teacher, in front of her colorful art piece!

Ms. Gutierrez

Ms. G grew up in San Francisco and is an alum of School of the Arts High School. She got an Art Education degree from SFSU and has a credential to teach Art and ELA. She is a mom and has lived in Brazil and the Philippines. She loves being a teacher!